Infinity War Deadpool

I’ve put together a dead pool for Infinity War. 



Players guess as many, or as few deaths as they like, up to the 22 characters on the scorecard. Each correct death prediction earns 2 points. Each incorrect death prediction loses 1 point.

Players also get a single wildcard guess of any character not pictured, excluding Thanos. A correct wildcard guess earns 2 points. There is no penalty for an incorrect wildcard guess.  

If a character is resurrected after death during the movie, the death does not count. If the character is generally accepted as alive at the start of the movie, and generally accepted as dead at the end of the movie, they are dead for the purposes of this game.

A character lost, frozen, missing, or trapped in the Soul Stone, is not considered dead. Future information revealed in later MCU installments does not impact this game.

Scorecards must be submitted prior to the premier on April 23, 2018.

Submit three ways: 


Tweet: Using #WhoElseDeadpool

Twitter DM: @WhoElseElliott

The player with the most points wins a tee from the WhoElseDesign store.

Have fun!